How legaltech can transform your career and the way you work

We're on a mission to interview some of the brightest minds in legaltech to help lawyers become the most empowered version of themselves. Effective use of legal technology can determine if you and your firm are future-proof or not. 

Helping us to understand how legaltech can be instrumental in redefining the way you and your peers work are Shruti Ajitsaria (Allen & Overy), Laura Bygrave (Deloitte) and Ben White (Crafty Counsel). Our three guests each bring unique experiences with legaltech but they all understand its power and how it can be used to stay ahead of the game. 

Download this 45 min webinar where Legatics' CEO Anthony Seale interviews our panellists to uncover how you can improve the way you work through legaltech. 


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Empowered Lawyer webinar series

Our previous guests have spoken to us about topics such as improving efficiency and understanding what clients want.