Delivering efficiency: advice for law firms

Many lawyers will attest to the fact there is more work than hours in any given day. It is commonly accepted as an inconvenient fact of your working life, but it can have severe knock-on effects to client satisfaction, work quality and burnout. 

Helping us to explore the impact of inefficiency in firms as well as providing counsel on how to avoid it, is Richard Punt (Legal Strategy and Market Development, Thomson Reuters). 

Watch this 45 min webinar where you'll get a better insight into what you and your firm can do to reduce inefficiencies. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The barriers to efficiency
  • How efficiency drives ROI 
  • Actionable advice to improve efficiency in your firm 



RP circle
Richard Punt 
Managing Director, Legal Strategy & Market Development at Thomson Reuters
Daniel Porus
Chief Commercial Officer at Legatics